Welcome to the office of Dr. Roger A. Hulme, OD

Welcome to the Office of The ABC Company

As a Primary Eye Care Practice our goal is to ensure your eyes are healthy and that you see clearly and comfortably for all your visual activities.

The new office provides a great place where we can give you the individual care in a comfortable relaxed location. Your exam is done while you view out over the water that surrounds the office. So you can really see what your new glasses will work like, instead of the old eye chart.


My optometric technicians use a new instrument called an Optical Path Analyzer, or WaveScan, to measure the optical characteristics of your individual eyes. It tells us how well you should be able to see, and if you have optical distortions or aberrations that prevent you from seeing 20/20. It can tell us what to do for poor night vision, glare, halos, and a number of other sources of blury vision.

Recently we were the first to offer the new hybrid contact lens, Synergeyes !!! It's a hard gas permeable contact wrapped with a soft lens. The vision of a hard lens and the comfort of a soft. It's fantastic. There are single vision, bifocal and post surgerical designs.

Our optical has the latest in ultralight frames and rimless designs. And of course the most current fashion designs available.

Another new advancement in sunglasses occurred this year with the introduction of DriveWear lenses. They are a polarized that adjusts with the sunlight, and has a high contrast feature that enhances your vision on overcast days, and early morning and dusk. It evens stays dark in the car.
Carson having a good time getting eyes checkedHere's one of our favorite patients getting his eyes checked for depth perception and eye coordination.  I like to see children early in their visual development. The eyes actually learn to work together while the body is developing gross motor coordination. The fine muscles of the eyes have to be very accurate in aiming and tracking together. Alot of learning disabilities begin with the eyes.  The most common is when the focusing muscles of the eyes strain to maintain a clear image, and the eyes over converge to help.
I can monitor them to make sure they are maturing at the proper rate, and help with simple exercises or temporary reading glasses. 
There are alot of eye doctors that believe that early monitoring may reduce the chance of the child developing nearsightedness and vision related learning disabilities.